Monday, February 1, 2016


Another new month.  Already.  Don't they just seem to fly by these days?

Although right now I've let a cold catch me and I'm feeling punk.  Even cancelled my physical therapy appointment.  New friend Lisa keeps checking in to see if she can bring me anything.  My personality has gone into hiding.  I'm enjoying lots of liquids, taking naps and did manage a shower this morning.

Lucky for me, I have the luxury of doing all the right things ... rest and liquids and Aleve.  My throat is raw but my eyes and my ears are much better than yesterday.  I was hoping this was just a reaction to the week of VOG (volcanic ash from Hawaii that was hovering over Maui) and maybe it was and just developed into a cold.

Let's just hope it is very short lived!  I've got beaches and sunsets to visit!!!


  1. That sucks to be so sick! At least it sounds like a virus that will pass and in the meantime you're doing all the right things. Feel better soon!

  2. Ouch. Sore throats and bad colds are so awful. They take so much out of you. You have a dear friend to call like that. Feel better soon!

  3. How wonderful to have a nearby friend! Now--listen to me! If you get a bad cough, get to the doctor because around here, those mere colds are turning into lung infections and need antibiotics!!! My baby sister has had it for three weeks now and has pulled a muscle coughing so hard and so much! BE CAREFUL!!!