Saturday, April 19, 2014


Weight Watcher mentality is creeping into my train of thought.  

This is such a good thing!  I've noticed several new things about myself.  Now when I want something that isn't so good for me (think potato chips), I delay munching some and drink a glass of water.  If I am still having a craving, I put a few in a small bowl to enjoy leisurely.  (In the past, I brought the whole bag over).

At last weeks meeting our pamphlet was on some of the WW "super foods" that are high in fiber and LOW in points.  Raspberries!   8 grams of fiber and 0 points.  There were lots of other foods on the chart ... artichokes, avocado, lentils, pears, etc ... but I love raspberries.  Yet I rarely buy them.  They are so expensive and only last 2-3 days in the fridge.

I now have a reason, a healthy reason, to treat myself to raspberries.  Of course, I made myself go to Walmart so the price wouldn't put me into cardiac arrest.
When I'm feeling snacky, I reach in the fridge and grab a handful. Along with the ubiquitous water, it is another way to feed the tummy with a filling and healthful treat. 

This morning I made oatmeal (did I mention how cold it was here this morning???) and put icy cold raspberries on top.  This afternoon I had a Chobani yogurt with raspberries.  

I need to look at the positive and delicious choices WW has for me ... instead of thinking about any deprivation.  My plan is to have a glass or two of wine on weekends (socializing) and even a little bowl of chips.  When I have something to look forward to, it makes it easier for me to decline.  

Braeden loves them also!


  1. I eat raspberries every day, year around. My tricks are to never, ever look at the price and to freeze and eat frozen what I can't eat up fresh in 2-3 days. If you freeze them on a cookie sheet, then loosen them and bag them afterward you can pop them into your mouth frozen for a great treat. Bananas and grapes are good this way, too.

  2. Happy Easter! Staying away from the chocolate bunnies wasn't hard, but I certainly pretended calories didn't exist for the banana crème pie.

    You've inspired me to eat the raspberries in my freezer AFTER I burn off some calories. Time to turn off this laptop and get moving...

  3. Raspberries are my FAVORITE! My sister grows them in Idaho, and come June, when I'm there, I go out every morning and pick a bowful of rubies the size of the end of my thumb! I, sadly, haven't found a way to get those babies back to HI! Love you!!!