Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I know, I know.  I haven't been blogging every day.  Honestly, getting settled into the condo has sucked up more time than I imagined.  Partly because I have terminal ADD and can't stick with one project (or even one room!) for more than a day.  It's sooooo exciting!

It's so fun for me to have a busy social life as well.  I'm back in the swing of things heading two committees for our HOA.  I spent days formatting a monthly newsletter, filling it up with four pages of stuff AND learning how to send blast emails so we don't have to pay our property manager for that any more.  Really?  $25/hour for a 15 minute job?  

The weather here in Lake Oswego has been glorious, so I've been buying flowers and plants for the miniature patio.  Been searching for a tiny footprint propane BBQ (no luck yet).

But most of all ... I just can't get enough of the boys!

Deacon is on the left, Braeden at about the same age on the right!


  1. As much as I miss your posts, it's probably a healthy/good sign that you are keeping busy with real life activities.

    Beautiful babies!

  2. I agree with Jean R. You know, I'm beginning to think of blogging as an online coffee klatch. Think of us as far flung friends you can visit when the spirit moves you.

    I bought a tiny propane tabletop Cuisinart grill which is perfect for me. Bought a stand and cover for it, too. Have used it two years now. Would invite you over...

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  4. Thanks. I need to look for TABLE TOP propane grills ... then get a stand or table. I love having our coffee together. Should we aim to meet via Facetime or Skype? Argh! Not sure about video ... maybe start with conference calls! Love you guys!