Thursday, April 17, 2014


Sorry.  I couldn't pass that up!

Apparently it is a pinched nerve in the metatarsal area of my right foot.  Dr. gave me a cortisone injection (ouch!), said stay off of it for a couple of days ... and it will feel worse then start getting better.  

I look fashionable with my Crocs and a gel toe separator, but gosh it IS feeling better.  My friends were right!  When your feet hurt, nothing else matters.  Ugh.

The bad news is that even though I've done everything right for 20+ years, genetics wins.  The good news is that one should get to the Dr. as soon as they have problems.  If I had not, the nerve damage could have been permanent.

I guess it pays to be a hypochondriac!

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  1. I can identify with this post. I have so much feet issues I have the doctor on speed dial. I finally had to have a nerve killed in one foot just so I could drive more than 15 minutes.