Saturday, April 5, 2014


For some unknown reason, today has been a sad day.  I awoke with a headache from grinding my teeth ... and a bit of remembering some not good dreams about Mr. Ralph last night.  Not a good way to start.

Also very emotional today.  I'm going to chalk it all up to a Negative Nellie day.  A friend was having her after wedding party tonight.  Needless to say, I haven't unpacked everything here and I didn't have a thing that would be appropriate (dressing up a pair of jeans was going to have to do).  I was not in the mood to shop.  Feeling fat, frumpy and forlorn.  Definitely not in the right mood to be with mostly strangers, congratulating someone on her fourth marriage.  I did go in on a gift with two others so I hope that will suffice.

It's rainy and grey here as well.  The kids were supposed to head out for a few hours (to start taking some of their stuff back to their apt) ... it's 8pm and they haven't left yet (oh, yes ... their rent is due today also).  I've been not as entertaining as usual.  Just had to ask them to have Braeden in the living room for a while so I can have some QUIET.

Part of this might also be starvation.  The Weight Watcher program is kicking my butt (I hope literally).  Portions are so minuscule ... who eats 13 pretzels?  Or two cups of popcorn?  I used to eat the whole microwave bag of popcorn!!

Ugh.  My buddy and his girlfriend called to invite me out for a glass of wine (4 pts for a mere 5 oz).  He called at the perfect time ... Deacon is wailing and Braeden is noisily re-enacting Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 ... all I had to say was I think I'll stay in and rest my ears.

Tomorrow is bound to be better!!


  1. Don't you just hate these kind of days that seem to come out of no where and knock you back a peg or two! Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  2. I read your blog Jean and then I come read this one (or vice versa). For some reason I can't comment on yours, Jean, from my phone. I probably could from my computer though. I felt so relieved that you both had one of these days too. I
    had a tough week with lots of tears and not much sleep and was worried about myself. Then I read your blogs and feel better knowing I have comrades. Sometimes I just want to send your blogs to people I know and say: "here! Read this! That's what I was feeling today but couldn't express to you with the right words! And no, I shouldn't be over it yet!" You know when we were in junior high and all of your girfriends would get on the same menstrual cycle if you hung around with each other a lot? Maybe there are widow cycles and we are all on the same cycle right now? I hope it passes soon. It feels so heavy and I don't like it. Thanks for allowing my misery to have some company this week.

  3. Well, today was MUCH better. Maybe it was the phase of the moon. I SOOOO agree with your analogy about menstrual and widow cycles!!!

  4. You may have been sad and grumpy, but you have BEAUTIFUL aliteration, my wonderful friend. I miss you, and I feel for your struggles. You give me confidence to face my own not-so-difficult struggles far more bravely! Love you!

  5. Today was MUCH better for me too. We will have to check with Jean and see if we ARE all on the same cycle!! Lol!