Friday, April 11, 2014


Some Maui friends live in Port Orchard, Washington and once when they borrowed my home, they brought their friend, Ona.  As my luck would have it, Ona lives on the Oregon coast.  Since their trip to Maui, I have only been in Oregon on short, mission-oriented trips .... never having time to drive 3 hours to visit and meet her in person.

This week the planets aligned!  Lindee and John were picking up their 11 year old twin granddaughters to bring them to Newport for a few nights of visiting and sightseeing.  My family (and temporary roommates) had been talking about a night on the Coast before they go back to work.  Even though I was having trouble wrapping my brain around bringing a five week old (and the supplies and equipment necessary for that), we decided to crash the party!

I had dinner with them at Ona's charming seaside home on Weds.  My travel mates were pooped and had promised Braeden some pool and hot tub time for being such a good traveler (actually, all four of them slept most of the way).  Last night, Kate and Jesse graciously volunteered to host Emma and Abby so the senior citizens could go out for dinner!

The four of us went to the best, freshest seafood place in town.  And were joined by a friend of Ona's and enjoyed steamer clams, halibut, salad Nicoise, etc.  YUM!  (I'm allergic to shellfish but they have so much more!)  We had a table perfectly located in the sunshine which encouraged lots of fun conversations.  These guys are SOOO funny!  They continue the theme inserting "cat" into many phrases (remember they have been to Meowi!).  We had a purrfect time.

I texted the kids that we were on our way .... they said "NO!  We just started our pizza and a movie!"  So off we weary oldsters went, in search of a not too noisy place to have another adult beverage.  We landed at Nana's Irish Pub.  It was a pleasant memory moment as Ralph and I discovered this place courtesy of his friend and co-worker.

I had a glass of single malt Scotch in his honor.  And shared some Mr. Ralph stories.  Finally, we made it til 9pm ... and reluctantly the kids allowed us to return.

Friday morning.  In an hour or two, we load up the Grandmother Mobile and head to Cannon Beach, about three hours north!

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  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I'm glad you had a good time.