Thursday, September 1, 2016


I have only spent the summer in Maui once before.  And apparently didn't pay much attention to the weather when I wasn't here.

It's hurricane season from June til November.  Fortunately, Kihei (where I live) is very protected from the elements as it hides in protected bay-like section.  Most weather formations hit the north and east sides of this island.  The big island of Hawaii usually bears the brunt of these summer storms.

The blue dot is covering up Maui

Madeline steered herself away from the islands after hitting Hawaii.  For the past two hurricanes, I stocked up on bottled water, peanut butter, crackers, batteries, candles.  This time I added six bottles of wine and cold brewed 12 cups of coffee.  Bought a pint of ice cream and my weekly bag of potato chips.  I also got some cash in case the internet goes down.  Prepared for the worst but expecting the best.

It's a lot of work moving my outdoor living space up against the house.  So I haven't really done that this time.  There's not a room in the house withOUT a window but the guest bathroom has only a tiny one, so that's where I'll have to camp out if things get bad.

I remember my Mom lighting blessed palm fronds when we had tornado warnings in Ohio.  I've got the palms .... The thing that will bother me the most is no a/c, I think.  

It's very eerie looking outside at 9am today ... yet we are not expecting the worst until tomorrow.  I have a 10am appt today and an 8am appt tomorrow.  Trying to decide whether I should reschedule ...

Mother Nature!  Who knew?

Thursday, Sept 1  5:30 pm update: 

The National Weather Service has CONTINUED the HURRICANE WATCH for MAUI COUNTY.

A Hurricane Watch Watch means hurricane force winds are possible within the watch area.  A Hurricane Watch is issued 48 hours before the anticipated first occurrence of tropical storm force winds, conditions that make outside preparations difficult or dangerous.

So.  It is pretty windy outside right now ... and the worst is coming on Saturday??  Stay tuned.

Friday Morning, 10:30 am:
Lester has moved slightly north so I think we won't be hit very hard.  BUT the County is be very cautious and has closed schools and government agencies.  No wind right now ... in fact ... a perfectly lovely morning!

Sunday ... Lester missed us altogether!  Sorry I didn't post every day.  Thankfully, we got zero wind and unmeasurably low rain.  HOORAY!


  1. You stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And keep us updated, if the power stays on.

    1. Lester is kicking up the storm! I'll add updates to this blog as the weekend progresses ... and electric and internet are on!

  2. At least in Oregon you only had to worry about an occasional shiver from an earthquake. It would scare me to be in a place, surrounded entirely by a big ocean. I envision a huge tidal wave Tsunami that buries the entire island--kind of like Atlantis.

    On that note, ..............LOL
    (Be safe, Dear Friend!)

    1. And the eruption of volcanoes! For some reason, I don't mind living on this tiny island ... until I look at a map! We are a long long way from anywhere!!!

  3. Glad you were prepared for the worst but got the best and the storm missed you!

  4. So glad you didn't get high winds.

    Six bottles of wine, 12 cups of coffee, ice cream and potato chips... You're a woman who knows what matters.

    1. The perfect solution! Still have one bottle of wine and most of the ice cream!