Friday, September 16, 2016


Our United States Postal Service.  That is not "officially" their motto but it's what I always remember.

Yesterday three large envelopes appeared in my mail. My Last name and Maui address were on the return label.  WHAT?  Someone mailed something to my neighbors (all three addresses were my subdivision)??   I sure didn't so my heart was racing.  Was someone pretending to be me and cause a ruckus?  I'm not running for any office (elections are in March 2017, for heaven's sake).  Are people stirred up about the cats again? 

I quickly ripped one open.  It was the mailing Mr. Ralph sent in 2012 to all this subdivision owners regarding the letter the Chairperson sent to the police, calling ten of us "criminals and terrorists".  These three were return to this address FOUR YEARS later as UNDELIVERABLE.

Did someone just clean out the storeroom at the post office?  Whatever.  It just brought my valiant ethical and honest man into my forefront for the day.  It was a crazy horrible situation at the time (still makes me angry when I think about it) to realize that a crazy person could put all of this crap IN WRITING, send it to the police without evidence of any wrongdoing ... and the police department had to visit each named family and read them their rights so they could question them.

I wish Mr. Ralph were here to see me having the last laugh!  Just a few months after he died, the Chair was dismissed from the Board (additional persecution of neighbors he didn't like).  And here I am!  Helping to make this Board visible to all as well as transparent instead of secretive.  When we first moved in I asked for names and contact information for the Board.  The property manager would not give it to me!  The Board changed every other month as people who would NOT do his bidding quit.  He did not want to hear from his neighbors.

Now I publish a monthly Newsletter that contains names and email addresses for the Board members as well as our two committees.  We answer every phone call and respond to email within 24 hours. We are applying the same rules to all Owners (which has been a big task after 10 years of not doing so).

I believe in Karma. 


  1. Justice!!! I like what you're doing! Keeping everyone informed and every transaction open! I'll bet Mr. Ralph is having a good laugh. ;-)

    1. I am enjoying every minute of it! He is still stirring up rumors and causing trouble. He won't even walk his dog on my street if he sees me. And, unfortunately, a spot is open for election in March ...

  2. Isn't it funny how things can come in the mail to remind us of your husbands. I know we can go to the post office to get their names taken off our houses, so those things will get sent back to the sender but I'm afraid something important will get lost.

    That is crazy how long it took for those letters to get back to you! Your board was run by a crazy person and unfortunately it seems like it's the crazy people who seek those jobs. It's one of the reasons I don't trust moving to a condo with my sweet dog.

    1. I will never live in another HOA because you are right. The 5% of crazy people complain and take matters into their own hands. Constant battles. But since I do live in both of them .. I make it my goal to be involved. At least I feel I can do something about it.

      I just can't believe those letters sat at the post office for four years ....

  3. What a wink from the grave!

    I like that this fellow won't walk his dog on your street if he sees you. Power to you, for insisting on transparency.

    ?!Anybody miss this guy on the board?! Even if a spot is available, would he ever get elected back onto it? ('course, strange things happen in elections.)

    P.S. This makes me REALLY glad I own my own home.

  4. It is interesting ... but he STILL has quite a few supporters!

    The SAD news is that I DO own both home and Portland condo. Never again will I buy within an HOA. It's a challenging situation in the best of times!

  5. We live in such a small community now and the annual dues are almost nil, so there aren't a lot of extras. In our last community, we received a directory with everyone's name and address and the names of their kids if they chose. It was nice. And a news letter.

    Is that the craziest thing about how long it took for you to receive that letter. Mr. Ralph would be so proud to know that you've participated in righting some of the wrongs.