Monday, May 1, 2017

65 is the new 25


I made it!  Sixty-five and still not believing it.  One of my gifts is the parents are getting Mr. 6.5 up and out to school every morning.  He came in and gave me a birthday hug before he left.  This week at school is crazy themed days ... tye dye day, pajama day, crazy hair day, sports team day and hat day.  So fun!

Saturday I got a card in the mail from my Seattle buddies who were great visitors to Maui.  Such a hoot!  Senior meanings for text acronyms like ...

These two are SO funny.  I laugh so much when we are together.  She is a bit older than me and he is a bit younger .... so we are all 25!

This morning I opened a HUGE envelope from my sister.  She  found three very VERY funny remarks about turning 65 ... 

Oh ha ha ha little sister.  SOOOO funny!

Better .... especially for all my Words with Friends players!  (And I'm always looking for more players).

Are these hysterical or what??

Best of all ... a two page (single spaced, mind you) letter of fond memories we have shared.  I cried like a baby!  What a great gift. Probably the best gift ever.  If I have a day where I'm not feeling loved or appreciated, I will re-read this word for word.  (And to be honest ... I've already read it several times!)  In addition, she included a delicious large amount of cash with orders to use part for pampering and part to take a friend to something cultural.

She is VERY into art and museums. I do enjoy both and ballet and live theater ... I'm just usually too cheap to do any of them.  I will keep you posted on exactly what these two gifts will be!

Happy birthday to me!


  1. Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!! I love the idea of a letter like that to someone you love. There's nothing better than the memories we've made and the memories we're still making. Your cards were very funny. We have to laugh at this crazy time of life. I hope you do something really fun with the cash.

    1. Thank goodness we do have a sense of humor! The cards are hysterical! Feel free to use that idea on your friends and family!!

  2. What a great sister to do the letter of memories. I love gifts like that.

    Happy Birthday and I hope you have a whole week of birthday celebrations.

    1. Everyone is under the weather so we will celebrate all year! May is such a happy month (well, today is sadiversary) but Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby, birthdays, Mother's Day ....

  3. My little sister turned 65 in March. It stuns me. I never thought I'd live long enough to see her turn that age--13 years difference between us. So to me--you're just a baby. :-)