Friday, May 12, 2017


Nope, I don't mean rage in the good way!  Like a new style of fashion that is "all the rage" with the 20-somethings.  (Although, my new fashion rage is wild print Lularoe leggings ... and EVERY time I wear them, I get a compliment!)

I see uncontrollable rage almost everywhere these days.  The news is full of road rage ... some is even videotaped by witnesses.  I admit I am a driver who follows the speed limit.  Others seem to believe these are just guidelines to follow IF they are in the mood.  So I get ticked off tail gaters who then flip me off as they speed by.  OR when we end up side by side at a stop light.  My bad?  I think not!

It's almost to the point that I try to avoid highways and all the nut cases that drive too fast while they are texting (or watching a movie, who knows, they are looking down and not at traffic), weaving across lines, slowing, speeding up, changing four lanes of traffic because they FORGOT this was their exit.

Last night online news showed the worst case of road rage involving someone making a U-turn in heavy traffic just to show THAT driver he did something wrong.  And then guns became involved.  Yikes.

But yesterday takes the cake.  Road rage inside the grocery store!  CRAZY!  First was a 70-ish lady gruffly TELLING (not asking) a young lady with two kids to "move your cart so others can get their shopping done."  "Maybe hire a sitter so you can pay attention"  I think that was RUDE!  She could have said "Ooops!  Excuse me, can I wheel past you please?"  
Then, when I got in line for self serve, the people right next to me were using a real, live checker.  A beautiful young girl was waiting patiently in line, with no cart.  A grouchy old lady said "Can you please move up out of the way so I can unload my cart",  Well, she really couldn't without infringing on the space of the person in front of her.  Grouchy Lady said "why, you don't even have a cart ... get out of line!"  Young lady showed her the bottle count receipt and a pack of gum but moved out of line so Grouchy could put her stuff on the conveyor belt.  Then when Young lady stepped back into line after the person in front of her finally left, Grouch lady did a big loud HARRUMPH.

To top off the whole day, the person in front of me in the Starbucks drive-through line just about SMASHED my front end trying to back out and get out of line.  And then flipped me off after I moved over and back as far as I could ...

Chill Out.  When looking for clip art there were SO MANY like this ... or worse ...


  1. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. I often drive too fast and will purposely get behind someone who is driving the limit so that I will slow down, and stay slowed down. I'm sure a few people think I'm riding their bumper.

    Supermarket aisle rage is not something I've seen but I sure can see people doing it. There are plenty of cranky old people and impatient young people around...a perfect storm.

    1. Remain a few feet back and you are just fine! And don't keep speeding up until you are one inch away!!

      I have never witnessed so many incidents in just one day! RELAX people!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of rage to encounter all in one day. That's enough to make someone want to conduct all ordering and business online -- not even venture out of the house and rely on virtual reality for external experiences. Is this what to expect in this digital age? Or is it because our planet is getting over-populated? I don't know.

  3. Distracted 30 somethings and old cranky women--what a combo for aisle/road rage. I am particularly nice to both, but if they could hear what I'm thinking in my mind, behind my "sweet" smile, they would both get out of my way. LOL

  4. Whew! A lot of people are on edge these days. Everyone needs to take a collective breath. I went to the grocery store just before Mother's Day. Egads! It was packed and everyone was running around like their lives depended on how fast they could finish their shopping.

    1. Too many people schedule their lives to the minute. So if someone or something interferes by adding 30 seconds to their outing ... it is the END OF THE WORLD. I'm usually early by 5 minutes ... then I work on a crossword puzzle or check email and Facebook until the right time. I can't stand to be RUSHED