Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It is almost 10am on Wednesday, August 17.  Three are still asleep and the five year old is happily playing games on my phone, snuggled up in his bed.  This is the first morning I've had 30 minutes of quiet to drink my coffee.

We are all having FUN, with a few minor setbacks.  Our mosquitos just love Kate and Braeden.  Huge and very very itchy and finally got some over the counter cortizone cream as the old home remedies just weren't helping.

Another giant stress are the adults' prescriptions.  They dutifully had their Dr visit where they received paper scripts to bring and fill here.  Since the meds are the kind you have to sign for, pharmacies will not fill out of state meds!!  They went to a local Dr to explain the problem and he could not write them AND  told them that this is the most common situation he sees (very close to Costco pharmacy).

Kate got up at 5am on Monday to talk to her Dr. and he suggested that she get someone to in to buy and pick up for her then ship them via Fed Ex.  Of course all of her friends work so I contacted my former neighbor (who had to do this for my Ambien for a few months until I found a Dr. on Maui).  She volunteered her daughter and after much running around, said package should arrive this afternoon.  Just in the nick of time.

The dishwasher was delivered and installed on Monday and what a relief that is!  I forgot how often children (and their parents) eat.  

A few more things I had forgotten:
     Constant noise
     Constant motion
     Frequent wrestling matches
     (Until someone gets hurt and cries or draws blood)
     Continual laundry
     Cars seats and booster seats
     How exciting it is to pick your own souvenir
     Wonderful sound of "I just want Gramma"
     Giggles 24/7
     How sand multiplies inside the car or house
     How long it takes to put sunscreen on five people
     How much water and snacks and diapers and changes of clothes go into every trip in the car
     How we all order a meal that can be shared with kids of differing tastes
     I just want to chill with Gramma
     We have to work around naptime ....



  1. Someone has grandma wrapped around his little finger. LOL Sounds like you're all having a great time except for the prescription problem.

    1. Yesterday was two hours at the pool. Only the Momma got a bit of a sunburn! Gramma had dinner and a play last night .... barely made it through!

  2. Oh my! They will remember these visits for the rest of their lives! Keep telling yourself that will the chaos reigns. Quiet time is coming and then you will be missing them.

    1. I usually take an hour to myself (to "work") and they both nap so at least I'm getting a bit of time for me! Met a friend this morning for breakfast (having a rough patch missing her hubby ... we can so relate). Got home at 9:30 and they were just getting up!

  3. Sweet photos - especially that last one. Kids can give you quite a workout. I always vegetate the day after my grands leave, but oh gosh, they are worth it, aren't they?

  4. I am enjoying their visit from my peaceful house. The prescription issue required such complicated strategy, not to mention the meal times, the bed times, the play times. But those giggles, snuggles and Gramma adoration must feel SO good. Frame those photos!!!