Friday, August 5, 2016


I've been posting photos of the two of us on Facebook (hard to find pics of both of us!) and gosh the memories come flooding!

And I'm so glad we took too many photos ... because there can never be too many photos.  Luckily for me, Mr. Ralph was very organized with his photos ... putting in the location and the year.  Even though I didn't travel much with him until Kate flew the nest, I sure got to see a lot of the world!

It was a great surprise to see how many people in other countries view the photos on Facebook ... and some making comments.  He is one hard guy to forget (for better or worse).

All of the trips were business related so I got to see him and his "boys" at their selling best.  Mostly I got to see a bit of the city we were in, either on my own or with the spouse of the salesperson.  That was best of all.  It was affordable for me to travel WITH him, as all I had to pay was airfare and spending money (hmmm, well maybe that wasn't such a deal for him ....).  His airfare and the hotel was business expense.  Most nights there was a business dinner that included wives.  Breakfast was included with the hotel (I could do a whole blog on breakfast in other countries!)  Starbucks at each location (only place you can charge less than $5 without a penalty ... or a dirty look).

Yes, I remember that all of the 30 years were not perfect.  Each of us considered splitting up at least once a year.  For about ten minutes.  Usually over something very important (like how to rearrange the furniture or changing out art).  Or why I had to pay the bills and do the taxes.

I'm choosing to remember all the wonderful times!  And there are lots of them!

Barbara Streisand - The Way We Were Lyrics | MetroLyrics 
Mmm Mmm
Memories, light the corners of my mind
Misty water color memories of the way we were
Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind
smiles we gave to one another
for the way we were.
Can it be that it was all so simple then
or has time rewritten every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
tell me would we? Could we?
Memories, may be beautiful and yet
what's too painful to remember
we simply choose to forget
So it's the laughter we will remember
whenever we remember
the way we were.


  1. I love that song and have always associated it with me and Don. And it is true, I think, with most widows that we remember the good times and forget the bad moments because they simply aren't important in the grand scheme of things. I only have a handful of photos of me and Don together because he was usually the photographer everywhere we went. He had a camera that few people could operate with all kinds of settings and extra lens. But unlike your husband his photos are not organized at all! You are lucky. Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane.

    1. We never really had "a" song. And Mr. Ralph was usually the photographer also. It's been fun to look through old photos ... and I still have 10 shoeboxes of older photos to scan in!

  2. I am loving those photos on Face Book. Sounds like you had quite a cool life with Mr. Ralph.

    1. It makes me wish I had traveled with him more. Everything is easier (and more fun) with two. When he traveled alone he NEVER took time to see the sights! He had been for business almost a dozen times to visit his vendor, 45 min from Venice, and NEVER went! Our deal was we had to stay two nights in each hotel ... and he had to invest weekends just having fun. It was incredible!

  3. That was a nice opportunity for you. Travel can be so expensive. I think all long marriages have ups and downs. We do get caught up in the small things from time to time. It sounds like you and Mr. Ralph made a lot of good memories.

    1. I do have a lot of great memories. He was a kind, ethical man with a sense of romance and humor. 18 years older but seemed like 5 years. Athletic and vain until the end. He would THANK ME every meal I made for him!