Monday, April 18, 2016


My daughter has a horrible time with cell phones.  Dropping them, leaving them where the little one can get them and throw, etc.  At least once a year her screen gets cracked and she has to buy a new one.  Every other year, I buy her an upgrade for her birthday.  This year it's about two months early.

While she was being confused by the salesperson (I always am), they talked her into a "free" Gizmo for Braeden (who was with her).  It's a Dick Tracy type of watch that she can set up to send or receive phone calls from four special people ... Mom, Dad and Gramma so far.  My heart just lights up when he calls!  So far, he is calling every day.  I love being connected as I know by the time he is 10 or 11 Gramma will be more of a duty than a treat!

My phone is also due for an upgrade, so I went to Verizon a few days after Kate.  Since I wasn't accompanied by a Kindergartener, my sales pitch was aimed at SAFETY.  My car is 10 years old, I'm old and gosh ... wouldn't I like to get a second opinion when my mechanic quotes me a price?  Well .... meet hum!

Shouldn’t your car be as smart as everything else in your life? With hum, you can track your car’s speed and location, (which will save on my insurance) decode engine lights or summon help with the push of a button (or give you an estimate based on data received ... as well as tell you about mechanics in your area). It’s an easy way to get a smarter, safer, more connected car.  

You buy the device and for ONLY $10/month you get all of this reassurance.  I listened to it all (because I love technology) and if I didn't have AAA and a very reliable (old) car ... I might be interested.

Guess what MIGHT be coming in the very near future ...

Solar panel phone screens (so you can always be charging, even on a hike!)

A robot to schedule your meetings (it will check you calendar first, stay on hold while you wait for your cable company to answer)

Control your computer using gestures (Something the Italians will really love!)

Self-driving cars - and yes, I know the Google Car has had one accident

The suncream pill.  This is is right up my alley!  Instead of slathering on SPF50 every time I head to the beach, I can take a pill that could last all day or all week or even a month!  Count me in.


  1. I honestly wonder if all this smart stuff coming on the market might actually serve to make us dumber. No one has to memorize anything anymore or keep track of things. I've seen the scheduler feature advertised and HATE it. But the watch that can only call four people for little kids---now that's brilliant. And the phone that the sun charges...that would be great. I have a calculator that charges that way and I love it.

    1. Well for me, smart stuff is helping me keep up with life. I have to write things down and the beauty of Apple products is that they talk to each other! If I make an appt on my phone, it automatically transfers to my computer calendar.

      If someone sends me an email with a date and time, I can press on it and it puts it on my calendar. Same with new names, addresses, phone numbers, email address, etc.

      LOVE IT

  2. I guess I would be afraid the sunscreen pill would make me sick to my tummy, but then, it would be a good thing for me as I don't even own a bottle of sunscreen.

    1. Yeh, I'm sure there will be side effects. I don't mind slathering. I even bought a little roller thing so I can do my own back!

  3. A Dick Tracey style watch, How cool is that? Calling just to say I love you. Sweeet. So much better than a text. Braeden's not texting yet..LOL

    Man, if I was married I'd want one for my hubbie and me. Remember way back, before cell phones? We used walkie talkies to track each other at shopping malls.

    1. We used walkie talkies when driving two cars from Ohio to California! Life is so easy these days ... and hands free!


    2. Don and I did the same thing with walkie talkies. Thanks for triggering the memory.