Saturday, April 23, 2016


Maui does not have very many Chinese restaurants.

The only one that people recommend is in Lahaina which is about a 45 minute drive.  I'm much too lazy for that .. unless I'm there for other reasons.  We have lots and lots of other Oriental and other Eastern ethnic foods ... Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and the all inclusive "Asian"  and "Hawaiian" which is anything with teriyaki sauce.

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio most of the Chinese restaurants were really, really Americanized.  We grew up without much money in the early years, we would go to Ding Ho for an annual "vacation" meaning we each could order whatever we wanted AND have an appetizer.  Good times.

Mom and Dad would go there for a date once in awhile, or with friends.  As some of us got older (and could chip in) and my Dad had worked his way up as a super good carpenter (and made almost a living wage), we would get to go there more often.  In my teens, it was a fun dinner date.

One of my favorite dishes was egg foo yung.  It's a Chinese omelet with a gravy/sauce on top.  I haven't seen it on a menu in years.  My Mom actually made it at home on occasion.  She was an adventuresome cook.  That's a whole other blog!  I sure miss her.  And her cooking.

Today when I was taking my buddy Phyllis shopping (she's making beef stew!), I saw a nice small bag of bean sprouts, cabbage and carrots.  I have a Costco chicken and some left over rice from soup the other night.

Tonight I am making egg foo yung.


  1. How did it turn out? I keep thinking I will make it sometime. I usually order egg foo yung when we do Chinese take-out. I love it.

    1. It was just as I remember! What made it even easier was the little bag of fresh veggies. Phyllis likes to shop at a grocery store that I never use .... but after 3-4 visits, I think it is much more my style. Very close to home, lots of ethnic vegetables and the best looking fish/meat I've seen!

      I learn something new every day!!

  2. I haven't had egg foo yung in ages, either, and it used to be one of my favorites. I'm surprised that Maui doesn't have but one Chinese restaurant. Going to places like that (and having pizza, too) is one of the things I miss with widowhood. I just don't go by myself.

    1. It was DELISH! I'm getting mushrooms today and making another meal.

      I'm getting better about going to a nice restaurant and bringing my meal home. The wine here is much less expensive!! I still not comfy having dinner alone! Breakfast or lunch are fine.

      A widow thing?

  3. Around here, we have a whole lot of Asian buffet places and the food is so Americanized, it is awful!! We DO have one, hole-in-the-wall true Chinese restaurant run by a true Chinese family here for about 25 years. That's where I go when I want Chinese!! I have never had Egg Fu Yung, probably because I don't like eggs?

  4. Can I pop in and share your dinner?