Sunday, April 26, 2015


The best laid plans.  And then dementia steps in.

The  super attorney who did my will and all the other stuff necessary to die in peace contacted me via email for a Client Appreciation breakfast.  How cool is that?  I was all set early on Monday morning to stop and get a coffee for the 30 minute drive to a country club on the other side of the island.  Starting at 9am and featuring new information on changes in the law regarding Advance Medical Directives.  Also, a guest speaker who is the Doctor at Hospice Maui, whom I had the pleasure of meeting two years ago.

It's a tricky little town, Paia, so I was very pleased to see the parking lot still had LOTS of spaces and I was ten minutes early.  When I went in there wasn't any sign directing us where the meeting would be.  Finally, I found a worker who said the Country Club is closed on Mondays so he didn't think there would be a meeting.

I, of course, thought that was probably THE reason we were having it on a Monday as a meeting room would be available.  So I waited ten more minutes ... no one came in.

So I went to the car and opened my email to see what I had done wrong.

The meeting was set for Tuesday.


  1. That's not dementia. That's a sign you've got a busy life. LOL

  2. Two words---Fish Oil!!!
    (It greases your brain cells I guess.)