Saturday, April 18, 2015


I think the time has come for me to SCHEDULE time each day to blog.  It's been a week!  Oh yeh ... I do have lots of reasons and excuses.  Most of them FUN.  And of course that one inevitable thing (besides death).  As usual, I filed an extension.  Looks like TurboTax let me down so I will need to hire a tax preparer.

Sunday was a lawn party at a neighbor's house.  We used to have them every few months ... until the cat issue divided the neighborhood and especially our street (the Crazy Cat Lady lives here)(her term ...)  Now it's down to once a year and thank goodness for Barb that she was willing to host.  One of her friends (whom I've never met before) made me a lei (upcoming birthday).  Food and fun for hours!  Met some newer neighbors and exchanged contact info.  SO FUN!

Monday was a play starring one acts from each of about 20 acting students, including my friend Carol (one of the South Maui Merry Widows).  She actually had THREE scenes, all different and all amazing.  And ... it was FREE!  I went with two of the other SMMW.  We haven't been getting together nearly often enough.

Tuesday and Wednesday I volunteered in the Na Hoaloha office and then downloaded the TurboTax software and did the data entry (such a procrastinator).  Got a well needed pedicure (my luxury item).  Thursday was Adventures R Us with Julie.  Best adventure EVER!  We started at 8am with her driving to Paia for breakfast at the place Willie Nelson hangs out at.  Good breakfast and we walked around the shops for a bit.

The even better part was a walking tour of the Al'i Lavender Farm.  I had no idea!  I've visited a couple of times but never planned ahead for the walk.  We learned about the three families of lavender, what they are each used for and then discovered what else grows on that little seven acres.  We tasted garlic lavender and nasturtiums.  Smelled citronella geraniums and learned how to propagate iris and succulents (and he even gave us a few to replant at home!)  Avocado trees, peach trees, hydrangeas and now they are starting chickens for natural fertilizer.  No irrigation as the clouds provide just enough moisture.  We enjoyed lavender iced tea and resisted lavender scones.

Julie got me home in time to take a quick shower as my friends Didier and Leslie took me out for dinner at Spago!  Their treat!  My neighbor is head waiter and DDA works at Four Seasons so we gut the ultimate treatment.  Four appetizers, dinner and dessert.  All for me babysitting their little dog princess Mercedes!

Friday was another very special day.  My 11 year old neighbor Abbey gets out of school at noon on Fridays.  We finally made plans for a girls day!  We had a great lunch at Leoda's Pie Shop where she has never eaten before.  Ceasar salads with a shared side of the best fries on the Island.  We were both too sated for pie, so we bought two 3-inch individual coconut cream pies to go.

We drove back to Kihei (about 25 minutes) and decided to get henna tattoos!

First day is very dark and like puff paint.  I slept with a beach towel under me (thank goodness)  The brown should last ten days to two weeks. Free retouch within two weeks!  About 4-5 inches tall.

Today?  I have not even left the house to get the mail.  Laundry, tidying up, catching up on the computer.  My sister and her husband arrive Friday for a week of fun!  My birthday and the second anniversary of the sad departure of Mr. Ralph.  She is so thoughtful to keep me company!

Thanks for waiting on me to post!


  1. I'm happy for you that you're able to keep so busy and more importantly you sound happy.. Maui agrees with you and I know you'll enjoy your time with your sister.

  2. This past week was a little TOO busy. I do enjoy my little life here. And I enjoy my little life in Portland. I am just so lucky!

  3. You've been a busy gal. What fun your henna tattoo is. I would enjoy a tour of the lavender gardens. We live near a botanical garden. It's beautiful all year long. I've been several times, but not recently. At Christmas, they string thousands of lights on the trees. Really magical.