Monday, April 6, 2015


Isn't that an attention grabbing headline?

Mainly, I get tired of hearing about aging well and aging with style and aging with grace.  Today I'm feeling like being a bad little old lady!  Honestly, I grew up (and still am) being a really good follow-the-rules, think positive person.  I'm considering taking one day a month and doing things I really shouldn't be doing.

I'm going to start by driving to a new(er) coffee shop that sells gourmet donuts.  I've been planning this for a while and actually went in and got an iced coffee one afternoon (thankfully, they were out of donuts).  The Dynamite Donut lady makes incredible combinations INCLUDING savory flavors!  Right up my alley for sure.

Then I'm going to pay any purchases that day with exact change.  Yep.  I'm going to get a little coin purse and put in five dollars worth of change and be one of those types that holds up the line by carefully counting out the correct change.  I will neatly fold the receipt and tuck it into a pocket of my purse (like I keep imagining I will ... collect receipts neatly and check against my statement ...) and align my money with the Presidents all facing the same direction and pennies and nickels in one side of my coin purse, dimes and quarters in the other side.

Oh gosh!  This is getting exciting!!  Despite being 50 lbs overweight right now, I'm going to go shopping for a two piece swimsuit.  Not that I would really buy it (but hey!  who knows) but just to watch the sales clerk's face.  Maybe a Brazilian bikini or a thong.  Should I wear it out of the dressing room and ask their opinion?

Perhaps then I'll go to the liquor store.  Do a little binge shopping?  Ask if they also sell marijuana or if they know where I could "score".  (Smoking pot is VERY widespread on this island .... so it might not be so shocking).

Then new car shopping.  Convertible sports cars.  

How fun to be a little naughty!


  1. Being naughty one day a month is a good life style change. You'll enjoy it. Going to a coffee shop always makes me feel good, if they served donuts, too, I'd be in heaven.

    Oh, my gosh, don't the coins collect fast in your purse. My newest rule is if there isn't anyone in line behind me then I'll shoot for the exact change or at least use some coins so I get less of them back.

  2. Better get a Brazilian Bikini Wax before trying on the Bikini? Why only one day a month? I like doing things that are unexpected or rather bizarre (for me) quite often. HAH!! I hope you SCORE--I've never tried it, but now that I'm on a blood thinner and can't take regular pain relievers for the arthritis pain--maybe I now have an excuse to mellow out with a joint?