Friday, April 10, 2015


What a fun adventure I'm on!  Making a new friend and discovering things we have in common ... and learning where we are opposites!

Julie is my NEW Maui Buddy.  We met through our friendly neighbor, Paula.  She knew we were both widows.  Paula and I were sitting on my front lanai one afternoon when Julie came by walking her beautiful Havanese dog Jodie.  They both joined us and we traded phone numbers and emails.  After a few days, I invited her to coffee.

She's a few years ahead of me in her widowhood.  Her "Honey" died of a massive heart attack right in front of her.  They lived in California but did a few year stint here in Maui ... and they both wanted to retire here.  She spent a year or two continuing to work, trying to decide her future without him.  Julie and Jodie bought a house one street over from mine.  And has been living here since September.

It's been a hysterical journey!  She has one sister.  Named Janet.  Me too.  She's crazy about Apple and its family of products.  Ditto.  She's a friendly introvert who enjoys alone time and uses humor to approach situations.  Yes, me too.  We are allergic to shellfish.  We enjoy red wine.  Breakfast is our favorite meat to eat out.  We love taking road trips.

Last night we went to Mama's Fish House to celebrate our birthdays (Feb and May).  We had leftovers and tonight I invited her (and Jodie) over to finish them off.

I've still got it!  The ability to make friends!!!


  1. What a wonderful ability you have to make friends. Some of us are followers and some of us are leaders like you who get things going. It was just a matter of time before you met someone like Julie whose personality meshes with yours.

  2. I love it!! Wish I could meet a Julie--instead, I got Dar!