Tuesday, April 18, 2017


We have had a splendid April.  Lots of rain but with plenty of sun breaks.  

Mr. 6.5 is now playing t-ball and has not been rained out yet.  The Easter egg hunt was sunny and bright, although the grass was pretty wet.  Easter Sunday with the cousins was also outside.  Two great days in a row!

GG's plants are so beyond ready to be placed in the ground!  He/we had no idea when to "start" these seeds but apparently it was too early!  Tomatoes already have blossoms, we are using basil and spinach right out of their pots.  He still has not been allocated a plot yet  Next year will be so much easier as he has kept meticulous notes of when he planted, when he fertilized and when he upgraded to larger pots.  Also, if he wants to, he can keep his same plot so many seeds can be started in the ground.

I mailed my tax extension today so April is finished for me.  Now I am looking forward to May!  I'm spending a week in Maui to celebrate the big 65.  Upon my return I have my Medicare wellness exam and I'm looking forward to healthy news.  Then I am taking my May offspring to a resort in Oregon wine country where we will be pampered and relax for two nights.  Massage.  Facial.  Pedicure.  And delightful farm to table food.  Indoor pool and spa so we will probably not even leave the resort.


April showers!


  1. Life is good around your house. The garden will be fun to follow along this summer. And I'm interested in how your vacation to Maui will go now that you've decided to live with your kids, if you'll want to sell the place or not.

  2. I thought you were having knee surgery in May? How wonderful to start seeds inside. My kids and I used to do that. They loved watching the seeds sprout and grow and then get to plant them in the garden.