Saturday, April 8, 2017


There are many words in my repertoire for love and comfort.   In Danish, hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”) is one such word. Though there are many ways to describe hygge, the New York Times sees it simply as the Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness.

This family practiced hygge a lot during our snowy cold winter.  It was easy as we were inside and at home a lot.  Nice roaring fires.  Comfort food.  Family games.  Cookie decorating.  Organizing rooms.  Yet Kate is already organizing family time this Spring.

If the day is sunny and nice when Mr. 6 gets off the school bus, he rushes home and changes into camouflage and best shoes for the occasion (rubber boots if is had been raining).  The boys each find a backpack and a hat, with all the necessary "weapons" that Mom will allow.  She packs a picnic, grabs the dog and off they go for an hour or two. 

I think the next thing to add will be a scavenger hunt.  Photo clues for Mr. 3, word clues for Mr. 6.

Life gets so busy sometimes that you really need to "plan" a special moment to stop and smell the flowers.  These dudes will only be little for such a short time.

My prize at the end of their hike.  Friends. Family. Graciousness.


  1. You're right. Little kids grow up so fast! Picnics sound like great fun and something they will always remember.

    1. They are growing up so fast! Just in the few months I've been here. Mr. 6 is always writing (and asking how to spell ... like zombie) and Mr. 3 is full of interesting questions!

  2. I'm so glad you are with them. If you had stayed in Hawaii, you would be missing all the good stuff. One of these days, they won't want huggles and snuggles and be so involved in other things, there will be hardly any time for Grandma. Enjoy it all while you can!!!