Monday, February 13, 2017


Mr. Ralph was very romantic.  He didn't need Valentine's Day to buy flowers or treats or to light candles.  So I'm not sure why I feel a bit sad this year.

I volunteered to babysit so the kidults could go out but so far they have not made reservations so who knows.  My plan is to let each boy make their own heart shaped pizza.  If I get motivated, I might make snickerdoodle dough and let them make heart shaped cookies.

Yesterday I bought small red bags, Valentine tissue paper, a small amount of candy and I'll put in a $5 bill for their banks (saving for Legos).

It sure would be nice to be sharing all this with Mr. Ralph.  Bet he will be on my shoulder!


  1. We never made a big deal over Valentine's Day but a day meant for sharing your feelings with loved ones can't help but get to a widow. It's nice that you're helping the boys to learn what the holiday is all about.

    1. We never did either ... restaurants were too crowded. I'd usually make something special for dinner and always something bubbly!

  2. Fred brought me flowers for no other reason then he saw them and thought they were pretty and I might like them. I always made a cherry cheesecake in a heart-shaped cake pan. So--lah-dee-dah and Bah Humbug for Valentine's Day.

  3. Sounds like happy Valentine's Day but with a different focus. Don't recall that we were consistent thru out our marriage with anything special on this holiday -- probably depended on whatever else was going on in our lives. We sometimes celebrated special days on other days if more convenient for us.