Wednesday, March 9, 2016


UGH!  I do hate tax time.  It's so time consuming and stressful ... and I know I don't cheat but gosh!  Why does it have to be so much work!  

Just in time to cheer me up, my new mini office was installed yesterday.  I think it will be a cozy serene place to do any office work.

"BEFORE"  The poor pitiful corner

This desk had a pull out drawer for a keyboard but nowhere to put the chair, except up against the wall.

"AFTER" nice clean and serene

It took three guys over three hours to install this work of art.  They closed the bedroom door while they worked (sawing and drilling and vacuuming) and because the owner told them to surprise me!

She stopped over later in the day to look at the finished project ... and we BOTH agreed we love it!  Today I staged it for a photo for her to add to her project binder.

The glam shot .... 

Now ... to get rid of most of the artsy things and put my reality in its place.  The baskets used to be in my closet and contain mailing things.  All of them need sorting and reorganizing.  Things to do on a rainy day ....


  1. I absolutely love, LOVE, love your new office set up. Beautiful and functional. But three men, three hours? I'd hate to pay that bill. LOL

    I have my taxes done but I still have to sort my files and I hate doing that and have been dragging my feet.

  2. Yeh, the bill was a chunk of change ... but it is custom to me, myself and I. The poor people who buy this house after I'm gone .... they are stuck with built ins ....

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! Isn't is wonderful to take one's own needs seriously, even if it does take a chunk of change? That mini office will likely be advantageous to any new owner down the line.

    I can see you knocking out your tax return, sending it off to do more fun stuff at this desk, like post here!

    1. Sometimes, in a teeny tiny house, things work better when they accomplish more than a store bought equivalent. Closets, desks and kitchens!

  4. Wow! What a difference. It's just what you needed. I love shelves and cubbies. They almost organize everything for you. It's so clean and lean and fresh!! I love it!!

    1. Thanks. I kept looking online and Pinterest to get ideas of what I wanted. The designer at Maui Closet Co. added some suggestions. LOTS more storage!!