Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Yes.  Life in paradise does have its pitfalls.  And they all happened this past week.

Maui Centipede

This handsome creature was on my bed the other night.  I'm surprised I didn't scream out loud!  I pay Terminix every quarter to keep my house and garage pest free.  EW!  So yes, I smacked him with my shoe and then had to change the sheets before I could get to sleep.  Also had to take a sleeping pill that night.

sprinkler system broken part

Saturday morning when I went to enjoy coffee on the lanai, I noticed the drip system was watering the plants.  Usually this happens around 6pm every day.  Being the confident homeowner that I am, I went to the controls to turn off the system.  Sprinklers still on.  My next door neighbors weren't home so I called a guy that I kind of know who lives further away.  I just needed the water to the sprinklers turned off until Monday when I could call a professional.

Of course, being a MAN ... he just thought he would fix it for me.  He sent me to the closest nursery to get a diaphragm and a solenoid.  Naturally they don't sell them separately any more so I bought the whole valve system ($25).  My sprinkler system was installed just three years ago but the new pieces are not quite the right size.  Matt had to go work and sent me to Home Depot ($18).  Ugh I hate that place.  After asking for help 3-4 times, finally a nice senior man helped me ... but also had to sell me the whole valve.

Since the water was off, I decided not to bug Matt to come back and would wait to call a service on Monday.  But he called me and came over Sunday morning.  I got tired of listening to the technical talk but he cannibalized the Home Depot part and got what he needed.  He wouldn't let me toss the rest of it ... just in case!  Now I can return the nursery one and get my money back.  All he needed was the solenoid.

I can't do it today because I am waiting for Terminix to come spray my house.  Yesterday I saw this ...

Maui Scorpion

Paradise does have a few icky parts ...


  1. OH. MY. GOSH.
    Maybe it's too damp around your house with all the extra sprinkling and it is bringing in the creepy-crawlies?

    1. Who knows WHY ... but Terminix came by and sprayed again. Hope that works.

  2. Judy took the words right out of my mouth. Oh. My. Gosh. Except I would have used exclamation points!!! I have centipedes in my bathroom. H found a stink bug in there yesterday. Spring is on the way and I know those centipedes will return. They are so gross. If I found one in my bed, I would possibly move. :(

    Glad your friend was able to fix it.

    1. A few nights after Mr. Ralph died, a tiny colorful gecko was on his pillow. At least they are harmless ....and cute. But NOT to sleep with!!

  3. I'd hate those scorpions! Yuck!

    I found a centipede in my bed years ago and still can't figure out how he got there. I hate them and spiders. When Levi acts interested in something I have to go check it out or he'll eat it.

    I hate it when guys do what your neighbor did. I'd rather just wait for the professional. Now you owe him.....

    1. Oh I did pay him a token amount ... and bought a treat for his 3 year old. It's kinda like Judy's snowblowing buddy!

  4. EGad. Nothing charming about those bugs. I'd have trouble sleeping after finding that, too. Glad I didn't know about these guys when I camped off the beach in Kauai - just saw those cute little crabs.

    Do you have some sort of guarantee with Terminix?

    So glad the neighbor helped out. I want one of those kind of neighbors!

    1. Any neighbor I have EVER asked for help, has done so graciously. I'm always available to repay. What goes around comes around.

      Yes, Terminix guarantees ... but that means they come back to spray before the regularly scheduled quarterly visit. I have NEVER had a problem in the past 5 years. But now it's been mice, centipedes, scorpions ... not to mention the roaches (but none inside the house).