Monday, January 11, 2016


This is not a good way to start a Monday.  At all.

Maybe it's just me ... but maybe it is Maui.  Or perhaps everywhere!  Scheduling things that need to be done and then waiting.  WAITING.  I start off with a good attitude while waiting for Terminix to come between 10am and noon.  Great intentions, actually.
Kaiser Permanente (my new insurance plan) called last week and asked me to return the call, which I did. I wish they would say why they are calling when they leave a message, but ... oh well.  She was reminding me to schedule a mammogram!  And she booked it for me ... on Wednesday!  That was a reminder that it's probably time for a PAP as well.  One of my favorite things about Kaiser is the ability to schedule appointments online.  Well for some reason that feature isn't working this morning.  

I decide to email my Dr to see if her nurse can schedule my appointment.  Guess what?  That feature is not working today either.  Next I spend 15 minutes trying to find a phone number so I can call and make an appointment.  They sure don't make that easy!  When I do call, and press 1 for this and 2 for that ... I'm on music hold for 10 minutes when I just give up.  Apparently it's been 2.5 years since I've taken care of my female self ... what's a few more days!

Which brings me to my ductless air conditioning.  Maybe it's time for me to say this wasn't my best idea.  At the time, we didn't have solar panels so it seemed cost effective to just cool the one room we were in.  Why cool the whole house for 8 hours when we were in a tiny bedroom?  I have had trouble with the master bedroom unit every year.  It is on the same compressor as the other bedroom so it's not the compressor.  The master bedroom unit has not been working since I arrived.  (probably wasn't working for my friends while they were here ...)

The installer was TOO BUSY to come check it out because he felt all the units need a professional cleaning.  The second half of 2015 was extraordinarily HOT and since he is a small business, he wanted those who had NO a/c to be scheduled first.  It kinda ticked me off but he did call me back to explain in a less abrupt way, and he was right.  I have the luxury of sleeping elsewhere in the house.

And ... he was going out of the country for three weeks to visit his wife's family in the Philippines for the holidays.  He asked me to call him back on January 6.  I did and then he asked me to call him back today.  Business just works differently in Maui!  ANYWAY, he texted today to set up an 8am appointment tomorrow. 

Terminix just left and it is only 11am.  What a morning!


  1. Waiting for service or phone calls is terrible. I'm expecting a chair delivery between 12:00 and 4:00 tomorrow which means it will show up at 4:30. I also miss phone books! Finding numbers isn't always easy online. Do you have to routinely spray for bugs in Maui?

  2. Because I HATE bugs inside the house, yes I have Terminix come every three months. Cockroaches love tropical weather. It's almost 4pm and I still can't get through to schedule!!!

  3. I haven't had a PAP smear for 12 years! I was checked for HPV then and since I was no longer sexually active, the Specialist said I didn't need one anymore. The one cancer I fear the most is Cervical cancer and a PAP can't pick that up.

    1. Just made my appointment ... but maybe I'll do a check up if I don't need a PAP. Have never had a problem ... except getting a leaky bladder ...

  4. Me neither Judy and my doctor is fine with that at my age.