Saturday, January 9, 2016


I really do love sleeping.  My body needs a minimum of 8-9 hours although I can survive a few days on less.  Even in my employment/mommy days I needed 8 hours every night.  And now that I am retired, I feel like I can enjoy an extra hour or two.

For sure I should have kept track of all the interrupted sleep I had as a Mom.  Kate was prone to ear infections, starting at five months old.  She could not sleep lying down flat, so I would sit and hold her on my chest.  When I take a nap every week or so I remind myself I'm making up for that night in May 1987 when I was up and down all night with my sick kid.  

Mr. Ralph loved sleeping also.  He could even out do me!  So maybe it IS an age related thing.  We like lying down to read.  Sometimes I lay down to play my word games.  And I think that's why I'm liking the beach again.  I take a magazine or book and simply bask in the shade.

Many retired folks get up at the crack of dark, have their dinner at 4:30 and are in bed by sundown.  They often admonish me.  That I'm missing out on so much.  Really?  And some of my funniest seniors set their alarm to wake up!  I only set mine IF I have to be somewhere at a specific morning hour.  

My "adopted" Dad who passed away at 93 just last year, would set his alarm for 6:00 am.  At 7:00 am he would call his girlfriend (she was just a friend although he wanted so much more ... another story) as they would check on each other twice a day.  I would meet him for lunch once a week and occasionally coffee in the morning but he would be irritated that I didn't want to meet at 7:30 am!

I am starting a new friendship with an oldster I met through my volunteer driving.  Betty is 94.  She sleeps from 10pm to 10am.  My kind of gal!  We will be afternoon buddies!

P.S.  My word for this week.  Pronounced klin-o-mai-nee-ah


  1. I rarely get enough sleep...usually around 5 hours. I can't sleep in because I have to pee and then can't go back to sleep. About five times a month I take a sleeping pill so I can bump that up to 7 hours. I have a hard time falling asleep quite often, too.

    1. I don't mind a restless night once in awhile ... but I would be might cranky if it were more than that!

  2. You know your biological clock well. 8-9 hours sleep is enviable - you'll live a long life with such good habits! I myself wake up bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30 a.m., no alarm needed; it doesn't matter how dark it is outside. What does matter is waking up ;-)

    1. Yes, it's good to wake up! And I take a nap once a week as well.