Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Oh, gosh!  The season has started!!  My favorite holiday of the year.  Especially because children are involved.

The little family went out to get a fresh cut tree on Saturday as I made a "fancy" family dinner.  The dining room table was transformed from arts and crafts, homework, catch-all and nail polishing station to an inviting Christmas scene.  I bought a Costco roasted chicken and pumpkin pie.  Then I made dressing (Ree Drummond recipe)(some cornbread in it!), gravy, Pennies from Heaven (Silver Palate)(candied carrot coins), cornbread muffins, homemade ranch and a super veggie tray.  And we learned a few more manners ... "I'm finished eating, may I be excused" and they always take their dishes to the kitchen.

I used the fancy wine glasses I inherited from my Adopted Grandmother for everyone.  Each boy had a knife at their setting.  After feasting and enjoying great dinner conversation, we watched The Christmas Chronicles (Kurt Russell) with a fire in the fireplace.

On Sunday, Momma and the boys started the tree decorating.  The best part is listening to them say "Oh, I member dis one" and then they tell the story.  I lost my box of favorite ornaments when we downsized ... and Mr. Ralph took ALL the boxes to Goodwill.  But we have so many memories anyway.  We each gave Kate an ornament each year so she has enough for her own tree!  

Delicate porcelain baby shoes for Baby's First Christmas, Cookie Monster (or coo coo mon mon as her two year old self called him), the Nutcracker, a red car with a blond girl driving for Sweet Sixteen, and so on.

My Mom made her a few ornaments as well.

Their tradition is to let each boy choose their own ornament.  Mr. 4.5 wants a CocaCola bottle and Mr. 8 wants and an action figure. 

Let the magic begin!


  1. Sweet! And it's really a good thing to have a fancy dinner once in awhile so kids and learn when and where to use good dining manners. Love those baby shoes!

    1. Everyone here likes a fancy dinner. Now to get my Christmas dishes out of the box! Last night Mr. 4.5 turned off all the lights in the living room so he could turn on the battery powered santa sitting on the end table. Then big brother comes over and they start SINGING! I do love it here!

  2. It's so much fun with the grands.
    Your "fancy" dinner sounds delicious. I love dressing. I haven't tried Ree Drummond's. I bet it's good.

    1. It is so much fun! The recipe is pretty easy ... the part I like is that it has a bit of corn bread as well as Italian and French bread. Although this year I used two different kinds of bread that we had on hand AND cornbread. Still as good!