Thursday, December 13, 2018


The before look .....

The floor plan for 952 square feet.  Smart planning to put bedrooms as far apart as possible.  The "great" room has cathedral ceiling making those three rooms look much larger than they are.

The kitchen was perfect with a great view of the little backyard.  The first thing Mr. Ralph did for me was to put up little tiny white lights along the lania ceiling.  Just like the Oregon house.

The teeny tiny lanai (patio) with roof extension to keep off the hot sun.  The back of the house faces the West (afternoon sun!).  Not very big to entertain but we set up two chairs and a table and coffee out there every morning

This is the South side of the house.  Notice all that green grass?  It didn't take long to get tired of mowing every week, fertilizing and watering.  

This is the North side of the house.  We called it the junk side as we parked a lot of things out there.  Lawn mower, garden tools, etc.

This was his first project.  Best grass in the whole yard on the north side!  He dug it up and shared it with neighbors as well as put in some patches in other parts of our yard.

This is the east part of the junk side.  Ugh!


  1. sometimes I wish I lived in a house that size now. As long as I had that spare room in the front for writing and hobbies, what more would I need?

  2. And half of the garage! And Mr. Ralph set it up so that it's pretty automated for irrigation and outdoor lighting. Just not big enough for the FIVE of us

  3. I have 950 sq. ft. which is perfect for 1-2 people, with my two bedrooms at opposite ends of the house. Of course, I use the front bedroom as my office. I have no room for any guests to stay over night, which can be a good thing.
    I'm so glad you and Ralph got to enjoy it together as much as you did.
    Now you sell it and put that money in an annuity or somewhere you can get a bit each month and it will keep you in a good life for the rest of your life.
    Mr. Ralph would be glad to know you are taken care of.

    1. We've had a family of four join us several times! Just for a night or two. We had visitors who stayed two weeks and one month I had visitors EVERy week.

      For real, I do enjoy this Portland condo. Such a walkable location, great schools, great city with many amenities. I just wish for my own bathroom ....