Monday, March 13, 2017


Sunday, March 5 was the "official" third birthday for Deacon, Mr. 3.

Mom awoke Saturday morning with a severe headache, upset stomach and general malaise.  She actually was too sick to go to work!  These kidults do not plan very far ahead but had invited six people over for a little party at the Clubhouse.  Late Saturday afternoon, I told Jesse we had better go buy a cake.  He said oh no, we can make one, don't worry.

At 8pm I was baking a strawberry fire engine cake (I bought a shaped pan earlier in the week ... just in case)(and food coloring, accessories to top the cake, etc)(just in case).  Then I made 24 vanilla cupcakes.  Sunday morning I made bright red buttercream frosting and began to do my best.

I tried to talk them into postponing the party but that thought was quickly cast aside.  Kate finished decorating the fire engine and the cupcakes.  Jesse put together a fruit platter and a veggie platter with fire related toys mixed in.  They actually pulled it off!  Jesse's Mom and her fiance, plus a young couple with a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old made just the right size party.

The next day, while giving the boys a bath, Mr. 3 decided to play restaurant and drink bath water.  Mr. 6 laughed and encouraged him, so he drank a LOT of bath water.  With lavender epsom salt.  Five minutes later, the water geyser began.  Finally at midnight, after calling the Poison Center, they took him to the ER.  Thankfully he expelled the salt water quickly so it did no harm to his little body, and they returned home with a prescription for some vomit stopper meds.

He is still not eating and barely sipping Pedialyte.  And still barfing but just 2-3 times a day.  Usually after midnight.  So Kate has relapsed.  No, the prescription does not seem to help.  She still has tomorrow off work so Dadda will take over the little guy.

I'm really looking forward to the "in health" portion.  It seems like Mr. 6 brings home something new every other week.

P.S.  Monday March 13 Update
Turns out it was the FLU!  I have never had the flu but it is wicked.  Today was the first day I have had the strength to sit up and eventually take a shower.  Everyone has had it except Mr Mom.  Who is complaining of the initial headache.

Kate finally went back to work on Sunday.

I will be super busy if he is down and out for a week (or more).  Getting out my apron, chef hat, tool belt, Early Childhood Development degree, laundry uniform, head dishwasher outfit and rubber gloves, and a maid costume....


  1. and they exposed everybody that came to the party, right?
    Oh well, Little 3 had his party. One year half of us at the family Christmas came down with the Norovirus the next day. Never been sicker in my life!! It is caused by someone preparing food without washing their hands after going #2. I always wondered who it was.

    1. And Braeden had it the week before (he started it!). They both slept for three days straight. A week before food was even interesting. They are just now back to normal ... but now catching colds.

  2. What a few days you've had! The flu and epsom salt poisoning plus a birthday party and trip to ER! Hope Jesse is down as long as Kate and that by the time you read this, you are back on your feet.

    That's a great looking cake. I'm sure the little ones were impressed.

    1. Today I finally felt human. Not energizer bunny, but did get a few things accomplished. Food does still not sound so good.

      The bad news is ... no one here even likes cake!!! I'm going to start making a big birthday cookie .. with little cookies for sharing.

  3. Great lookin' cake! You've been through the mill. Hope you're feeling better.

    1. It all ended with a slight cold. Other than that, everyone is back to normal! Thanks!