Monday, March 27, 2017


Those three P's are what I want for my life.  Peaceful.  Participatory.  Predictable.

The best part of growing older is being able to choose my lifestyle.  Sure, when we were younger we thought we were choosing and we were, up to a point.  Yet careers, mates and children contributed a lot to the "drama" of how we lived.

Now my life is peaceful.  Almost boring perhaps.  I never schedule more than one thing per day...which leaves me open for doing something equally fun with a friend or grandson should it arise.  These days I move in slow motion it seems.  I love it.

I feel so much better participating in this small extended family life.  Jesse is FINALLY allowing me to give him a hand.  He is so particular about everything, it's taken him a while to decide clean, dry and folded is a good thing ... not necessarily HIS way of hanging all shirts up to finish drying after 5-10 minutes in the dryer.  I'm great at jammies, towels, socks and undies.  Now I can do little boy jeans and t-shirts as well.

Yesterday I made dinner.  This is my most difficult entry into t/his life.  About once a month I ask if I can cook.  And I get the groceries ... the GOOD stuff.  Last night we had homemade scalloped potatoes, corn on the cob, asparagus and your choice of steak, halibut or salmon.  The boys like the beef and we two girls love the fish.  Kate and I are trying to eat more healthy, so the grilled fish can be put atop a salad and the final day we will make fish salad for crackers or sandwiches or patties.

Best of all, predictable.  No turmoil.  Few crises.  Happy and hopeful.  My teenage drama queen has matured into a busy Mom.  The financial strains of climbing the corporate ladder and growing a company is over (and paid off pretty well).

Peaceful, participatory and predictable.  The right life for this Awkward Widow.


  1. Oh yes, I agree. I wonder why we think we are lazy because we aren't running hither and yon? Maybe because we ran hither and yon for sooooooo many years? I like my "3P's" life too.

  2. I vow to NOT feel lazy ever again! We did it all and we had it all and now I am happy doing nothing!

  3. There's nothing wrong with being and feeling lazy sometimes I've concluded. Minimizing what I do on any given day is a privilege I've earned, too. A little unpredictability of a good kind occasionally can make life more interesting.

  4. Yes! Unpredictability of a GOOD kind is always welcome. Just no negative drama ...