Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I've been back in Oregon with the little family for almost a week.  And I love it.

I loved it for the whole six months I was here in 2015.  Although this is a more crazy hectic time of year to start.  Kate is working 6 days a week and is a bit stressed.  I just rented a car til my 10 year old gas guzzling SUV arrives from Maui (landing in Seattle January 11 ... then being delivered to Lake Oswego after that).

So far this has been a big help for UnSon-in-Law Jesse who doesn't have a car.  We took the boys to Costco and loaded up the pantry.  The next day I went to Walmart and loaded up on toiletries and cookie making supplies, as well as a space heater (baseboard heat just doesn't cut it).

Mostly I've been learning how to best help him.  I get up at 8 to start my cup of coffee.  Mom leaves about 9am.  Boys are up anywhere from 8am to 10am.  I've been making a pot of coffee, packing Kate off with a mug and a bit to eat on the way.  The boys have breakfast next ... oatmeal, french toast, pancakes.  With my second cup of coffee I make breakfast for me and usually Jesse (today he chose cereal).

He loves cooking (and is great at it) but I asked for one day a week.  Yesterday I took leftover macaroni and cheese, leftover pad thai and leftover spaghetti and made an Oodles of Noodles casserole ... that neither boy would touch!  The adults liked it but next time it will be kid chosen.  AND!  My sister bought us a few weeks of Blue Apron and our first delivery is Friday!  So exciting.

After Christmas I'm having someone come out a reconfigure my closet to fit in more stuff.  It currently has just one bar for hanging with two shelves above.  I like the double bars as I can fit in twice as much on hangers.  The work I had done in Maui made me smile every morning when I got out my clothes.

I've invited Braeden to "spend the night" with me twice and tonight is Deacon's turn.  I'm not sure he will stay as he loves sleeping with his parents, but at least we will try.  I keep my room locked so it will remain very special to them ... and I get my quiet time as well.

Once Mom gets home, I head to my room for reading, FB, word games and Netflix.  Last night she brought home indoor snowballs and I have never heard so much laughter!  Mostly throwing them at each other in the hallway but it came with ideas for other games as well.

I'm looking forward to longer days and shorter nights ... and, of course, Christmas!


  1. Your new living situation sounds like a win-win for all of you...but wouldn't work for everyone as not all son-in-laws would be open and accepting of the idea. Glad it's working for you You and the boys are building a wonderful, life long bond. Happy Holidays!

    1. Not many daughters either! Too bad our country doesn't embrace this as others do. And Americans demand so much more space ... I grew up in 1,000 sq ft with 6 kids and 2 parents. For the longest time with one car!! Shared a bedroom until Senior year in high school. Wouldn't trade a minute of my memories!

  2. Yeah--young Americans today want it all and want it now. The big house, the stainless appliances and marble countertops. Then they have to work, all day every day to pay for it. Personally, I think the inter-generational family works really well. We can help a bit, but also give the grandkids lots of our time and loving and maybe, just maybe, teach them a thing or two.

    1. These kids are very happy with the digs ... we have a heated pool in the summer and a hot tub. A huge covered patio and two clubhouse rooms (with full kitchen). A block or two from the Willamette River. Boy heaven! The part I like the best here is what you said ... TIME with the boys! They are little sponges!