Tuesday, January 22, 2019


These grandkids make me chuckle every day.  They wake up cheerful and full of fun.  Momma has set their clock to turn green (okay to get up) at 9:00 am and they play quietly in their room until then.  It's amazing!

When I looked up "hooligan" it was mostly negative adjectives, so this one better suits these guys:

I just like the alliteration of Happy Hooligans!

Maybe I should discontinue The Awkward Widow and change to Grandma Overload but that would take a little effort so I won't.

Deacon turns 5 in March.  He rarely walks ... always scampering! Or skipping or hopping or belly crawling.  And he is still a handful!  He's in preK at the same place Braeden went.  But he is having a bit of trouble learning the ropes.

This is big brother Braeden going to pick up brother at school.  Dadda had to push Deacon in that stroller every day to take Braeden to the same school and back.  It was fun to have it be the other way around!  That stroller must have a million miles on it.

Deacon is the mischievous one.  During Christmas goodie season, he would quietly snitch sweet things and built a stockpile under the Christmas tree.  Which was not discovered until Braeden was handing out the gifts!  Thank goodness we don't have ants!  

He's also proving to be an interesting challenge at school.  While he seems young for his age to us, apparently that is not the case at school.  I think it has to do with having an older brother?  When the teacher announced it was storytime, he LOUDLY whispered "boring baby book" when she chose a book.  Later the same day, when he wasn’t listening to the teacher, she asked him to repeat what she said. He replied “blah blah blah blah blah”.  He does super great ... if it is something he wants to do.

So the parents are working with him about respect, listening and participating even when it's not his choice.  And using KIND words.  (Sorry, I have to chuckle .... when I'm alone!)

They both love Alexa.  Braeden figured out he could ask her to solve his math problems.  Now homework is done at the kitchen table (Alexa is on my desk).  Momma does dance parties with them.  Dadda does wrestlemania ... which is over when the first person gets hurt (every. single. time).  They take turns packing lunches and doing bedtime.  My heart is so happy here.

Although they are both brutally honest.  Why is your nose so big?  I thought you weren't going to let your hair get white.  Why do you like wine so much and not rootbeer?  I keep a small stash of M&Ms in my room ... so they can come in and "cough" and I give them a medicine.  It was suggested that I get Skittles next time.

Did I tell you they got me a "girl" Lego set for Christmas?  So fun!  They can't NOT play with me when I bring out the girls!  Even IF they want to bring their guns to the tea party or turn the puppies into guard dogs.


  1. Glad your live-in situation is working out so well for all of you. Sounds like Kate and the boy's father are trying hard to raise good kids.

    I did not know Lego made girl sets and boy sets.

    1. Oh yes! Ice Cream shop vs. Star Wars. Pet Shop vs. Jurassic Park. And lots of girl power scenarios as well.

  2. You are a very good influence on this little men.