Friday, July 28, 2017


I am officially on the Oswego Pointe Village HOA Board of Directors ballot.  Along with no one else.  Officially.

We typically have a five member Board.  Three terms are expiring and two people are moving/have moved before their term was up.  So five totally new members are coming together.  Personally, I don't think this is a good thing!

Everyone's good friend, Mary Beth, an original Owner, has been on the Board at least ten times in the past 18 years.  Because she cares about this place and because she is fair, not matter who, no matter what.

She is finally retiring from being General Manager of our local amusement park for the past 34 years.  Or should I say she is down to two days a week.  I say she needs a real break from ALL of reality, including HOA.

When Mary Beth was NOT on the Board, much much much money was spent.  Most of which was not transparent to all Owners until after the fact.  And even when the majority voted down a project, that Board went ahead and did it.  We are well funded for future tragedies as well as Reserve Funds.  But some humans see a pot of money and think WE ARE RICH, let's redecorate!  Let's re-landscape!  Let's put in an entrance at the back of our Circle so I don't have to use the front entrance.  Let's hire my friend to choose paint colors.  Let's buy outdoor paint from one of my cronies (who cares that it is Army green and the majority of us did NOT vote for that color). Let's buy new furniture and a big flat screen TV.   Although our Board is all volunteer, I do work really hard so I should be given money every month.

Then, of course, our dues went way up.  When rumors hit the playground that the Devil's triangle was trying to get their scary little claws back on the Board, I had to step up and do my turn at the helm.  OPV has 112 units.  95% of the owners are kind and caring but do not want to help with any of the responsibility.  The other 5% complain weekly (or more) then turn around and do whatever they want to the common area near their unit.  And tell all newcomers that they may plant anything they want, where ever they want.  These same rabble rousers were the Patio Nazi Patrol a few years ago as one of the ladies thinks every patio/deck should look like hers.  Don't even think about putting up something that is personal and memorable to you!

They re-wrote the House Rules to say "no more than 3 hanging plants, not more than 6 potted plants, only approved furniture ...." then set out to REMOVE items from other Owners patios that they felt were not appropriate.  Only then did a majority stand up to be counted!  The devils removed a pink plastic flamingo from one unit because they felt it was ridiculous.  It had great purpose as 14 year old Matt, with autism, needed that visual to be sure he was at his own home.  (These same devils now have pink flamingos in their areas because they are being kitschy!) 

What am I getting myself into?  

''Being president is like running a cemetery: you've got a lot of people under you and nobody's listening.''

—Bill Clinton


  1. I would not want to be on a condo board if you paid me. When I found out a condo board would have to meet my dog before I could even put a bid on a condo unit, I decided that was not a place I wanted to live. Good luck. I think you will like the challenge, you like to organize.

    1. We are self managed and we've seen how the Devil's Triangle handled our money in the past. Even tho $400/mo isn't very high ... just 7 years ago they were $299. (Water, sewage, trash, recycling, pool, hot tub, Clubhouse ... and everything outside of my unit), they don't need to go up 10% each year! It's my turn to volunteer. If each of 112 units would step up ... it would be just once in a lifetime!

  2. Sounds like you have quite an undertaking. I wish you well. What you describe is what makes me antsy about living where I'd have a HOA calling the shots -- only takes one crazy to make life miserable for all. I'm sure there must be positives and, hopefully, they prevail. Expect you'll do your best to make that happen.

    1. It does only take ONE BAD APPLE. Let's hope I am elected and do a fair job. 95% of everyone just sits back and complains ... but does nothing about it besides WHINE.

  3. You are a brave woman, but this will more than likely produce interesting blog material. So there is that. I can't imagine the pink flamingo story. People sometimes lose all perspective with a little power.
    ~ Bella

    1. It may bring some blog fodder. Tell me if I complain too much!

      The Porch Nazi's also took down neighbor's tiny ambience lites, ceramic pots that looked like chickens (this lady's whole theme was chickens!), table cloths they deemed "inappropriate" (my neighbor is Iranian and uses plastic table cloths ... she happens to the the neatest and tidiest of patios EVER), anyone with fake plants. It was HORRID horrid horrid.