Saturday, November 12, 2016


Portland, Oregon.

We are known to be very liberal and forward thinking.  It's a young city and protests are the norm.  Not like what is going on now.  Thugs have invaded our streets causing so much physical damage.  Hiding in their hoodies and masks.  I just heard on the news that these criminals were recruited via Craigslist!!  For them it has NOTHING to do with politics, only destruction.

It's irritating enough, to me, that we are having so many protests after an election.  Maybe it would have been the same if the other candidate won.  The crying and weeping and missing work and school and needing counseling?  Beyond my realm of thinking.

Don't like the electoral college?  We've got four years to change the constitution to abolish it.  Don't like his rude and crude blustery old fool comments about race, religion and gender?  Hit the streets and hug your friends who are immigrants and Muslims and gay and transgender.  Just because he won, doesn't mean I am going to hate.  Prepare for the worst and expect the best.

The angry threats on Facebook gave me impetus to clean out the "friends" list and unfollow the negative nellies.  Very sad, but maybe that is a lesson for me.  
All Americans have learned another big lesson already.


P.S. I closed the FB account altogether.  I spent WAY too much time on there since Mr. Ralph left.  No distractions from my little boys!


  1. After all of DT's blustering about the election being rigged, I fully believe had he not won we still would have protesters in the streets only with guns shooting up government buildings. It just plain crazy to think that what's going on in the streets will make any difference, no matter who is doing it or for whatever reason.

    I do understand the fear that started the protesters---the blacks expecting stop-and-frisk across the nation, the immigrants who fear a deportation police, the gays who fear a loss of the gains they've made in recent years and the woman who think groping lady parts will now be tolerated. The first wave of protesters were made up of these groups. Now with the trouble makers being recruited it's not going to end well. Scary times!

    1. You summed it up for me ... people are EXPECTING horrible things. And criminals take advantage of that. Portland had violence at the very first protest. But I honestly believe none of the thugs were protesters.

      I have black friends, gay friends, Hispanic friends, (only) one Muslim acquaintance, transgender friend ... and I have not changed my mind about them because Trump was elected.

      American was built on immigration ... and will continue just hopefully uphold our way of processing ... which is a lot less strict than Canada (where everyone thinks they are moving!)

      I am not happy with how the Obama terms have affected me personally. So I am willing to give the politically incorrect, crude businessman a chance. Protest after he does something you don't like! For now he is choosing a cabinet that could work. He needs to put his business into a transparent ownership and focus on we, the people.

      My opinion!

  2. DT has already done things that have injured all sorts of people; he's not going to magically change when he crosses the oval office threshold. He's been walking like a duck, squawking like a duck, strutting like a duck, for decades. I'm no happier than you at the criminal elements, which is why I will call out this particular white collar golden 'rude and crude blustery old fool', who has a long trail of traumatized victims behind him. He does not deserve a free pass, nor would Hilary deserve a free pass, if she had won.

    I'm glad you are protesting in your own way.

    1. Ms. Hillary has also "injured" all sorts of people, breaking their backs while she climbed to the top. I think the list of scandals would be a tie.

  3. I couldn't agree more that there is no place for violence in these protests but seems always there is a segment with other agendas. I highly recommend reading this commentary I became aware of just today. She's a prominent highly respected 49 year old Russian and American Journalist Masha Gessen who has had first hand experience living as a citizen in both countries:

    1. Thanks for the link!

      I am a minority on Maui. Hawaiians do not like the haole (non-native). In its secondary meaning, haole ... implies a thief, a robber, one not to be trusted. I feel it all the time and am thankful I don't let it stop me (very often) from adventuring.

    2. Fortunately, not all Hawaiians dislike haoles as I have family who lived on Oahu for many years, and Big Island now -- SIL part-Hawaiian, has been very active preserving Hawaiian culture, artist. I think maybe all groups -- whatever race, religion, etc. -- have a certain number of people among their members who discriminate against minorities in their midst, but fortunately not all do. Guess their still are areas, like you describe and as I've encountered, where there can be clusters of people who do discriminate. Guess the world's people have a long way to go yet accepting we're all humans. Bet we might all come together real fast if creatures from another planet descended on Earth.

  4. You are not aloe in you feelings about FB "friends" posting angry things during this election season. I deactivated my account years ago. I only go on about once a year when my friend tells me about photos she's posted of her grandson because they never really deactivate your account. I love my computer and most things that it affords me, but FB just isn't my thing. Call me Dinosaur.

    1. Ha! Good to know I can go lurk and just not post. By the time I "visited" 500+ acquaintances and hit a button or made a comment ... not to mention all the sites I love ... my whole day is wiped.

      I don't need to be that involved in looking at Kate's preschool friends' new baby photos! (irresistibly cute).

      I'm enjoying my letter writing (email) and since I've cleared out my "subscribed" emails, I like opening that mailbox!

  5. Well here is my two cents worth. We have refused to follow the laws of our land and now have a bunch of people doing illegal things and thinking it is not only just fine and but even their right!
    Don't like the law...change it. Have the law...follow it.
    Since having Obama our law enforcement has been greatly degraded and police have become targets. Protesters holding the flag of Mexico is a disgrace, if that is where your loyalty lies then go back there and be a supportive force. Don't like our Christian background then go to where your views are accepted and practiced and live in peace.
    American citizens have the right by our constitution to peacefully protest, illegals have no rights period. Not Mexican, not muslins, not Chinese not anyone here illegally. It really isn't that hard.
    As for the many group of people that have been here illegally for many years you will not find them in the streets protesting they are home or at work thankfully accepted the laws and traditions of our land and hopefully we will find a way to take care of them like maybe offering visa's.
    As far as the reference to stop and works and only those carrying illegally need to be worried. Gay people should be more afraid of the 65,000 illegal Muslims Hilary was going to let in because they have zero tolerance for gays.
    Have you watched some of the protesting going on and see a handful of cops trying to subdue a club/bottle swinging mob? Bring in the water guns or whatever it takes to take them down and put a end to it. If you find that any of those people are on government benefits promptly have them stopped. Destruction of property should not be tolerated by anyone, legal or illegal.
    In other words...America quit trying to appease people and grow up and follow your laws and protect your people.

    1. Thanks. I think this way but am afraid to say it out loud! And why should that be?

      Everyone who has immigrated LEGALLY and speaks our language and follows our rules, is totally welcome to be my neighbor! And if they need a helping hand while rebuilding their life in our country, let's do it! I feel that our schools should speak ENGLISH only ... but offer English lessons for those trying to learn (I don't think I could learn English!!)

      I'm officially politically incorrect!

  6. There would not have been rioting, by Trump supporters, if Hillary had won. We just don't do that sort of thing and would not have stood for it. Which is shown by the vote. We don't give our opinions to pollsters, we don't put political signs on our lawns. We just quietly go to our voting places, make our mark and go on about our business. What bothers me, these college kids protesting--why didn't they protest when their favorite candidate was so deceptively and cruelly sabotaged by Hillary and the DNC? I wished everyone could have seen the "60 minutes" interview last night. Mr. Trump is NOT going to do away with same sex marriage or Roe v Wade--he said it is the law, has passed through the Supreme Court and will stay. I don't think this election was so much a vote against Hillary as it was against Obama and the things he has forced into our society and the things he has NOT done for our country--especially the Blacks. Not many of them even voted. 52% of white women voted for Trump, the pollsters never saw that coming, did they. So, they proclaimed Hillary the winner the week before the election, them and the media--THEY are responsible for these riots!!