Thursday, September 23, 2021


 My niece, Tahlia, is making great strides towards her financial future.  She bought a "tiny home" in July 2020 and rented the spot in the previous owners' parents backyard.  In April after a million bids OVER asking price, she bought a 1901 home in a great Portland neighborhood.

Much work had to be done for the infrastructure and coordination of moving the Tiny into her back yard.

This is how Tiny looked when she bought it.  324 square feet, two lofts and a full size kitchen.

The view from one loft into the living area.

This is her home. Before moving her Tiny into back yard.  Built in 1901 and is 986 square feet, two bedrooms with one bath.

This is the back yard (so far).  She wanted to put up a wooden fence to replace the 3' high chain link fence that had to be taken down to maneuver the Tiny into the back.  The neighbor insisted she wanted her little fence (they don't even make that size), so Tahlia borrowed tools from the library and put up the old rusty chain link fence.  Wonder Woman!
Tahlia found some greenery on Amazon to pretty up her side a bit!

She has a renter lined up for as soon as Tiny is ready.  She has a roommate in the house with her.  Mom and Dad are arriving soon to help get some sod and shrubs in and then I think she is ready to go!  On top of all this, she works remotely (so far)(employee of the month last month!) and is very active with Ultimate Frisbee every weekend as well as community volunteering.  


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Hilariously Happy

As I write this on Saturday morning, we are enjoying a nice, grey, cool RAIN.  Our first substantial rain in 62 days!  I sure love the first few days of rainy season and it is tolerable after that.

Lately I have been enjoying some new purchases.  I prefer Vionic footware and always wear slippers in the house (legos, GI Joe weapons, checkers, etc on the floor).  After five years of living in my black and grey slippers, I indulged and got new pink ones.  I'm really a lover of pink (any shade).  Vionic also provided me with another pair of flip flops.  I had almost worn through two pairs that were purchased in Maui.  What a difference in support!  Tossed the worn out ones in the Goodwill bin.

This past week I bought a huge wedge pillow to sleep with my head elevated.  My eyes have been puffy and bags under my eyes more noticeable (at least to me).  Mr. Google and I did our research and home remedies are sleeping with my head elevated and using a cool eye mask.  While I'm not so sure about my under eye benefits yet, I have been sleeping more soundly thus only getting up once in the night!  It's worth it for that alone.

Now let me rave about zip on sheets!  When Braeden was a baby and we watched him here a lot  (parents worked retail,) the hardest thing was changing the crib sheets.  It was so hard for me to reach over the high sides to get to the two back corners.  And they had to be changed daily as he soaked through every night.  I somehow discovered crib sheets where just the top zipped off and on.  Game changer for Gramma!

Recently the parents decided to get sturdy bunk beds for the boys as they rarely put the trundle bed away so there was no room to play.  The main negative was changing the bedding.  I remembered the crib sheets and lo and behold!  They make all sizes!  The "fitted" sheet extends further under the mattress as it mostly stays on.  Then you can simply unzip the top, flat part for washing.  I even got Queen size for myself.  

P.S. I got the job!  With a fancy title "Social Media Coordinator".  I'm learning new software (Canva) and it's been chaotic this week.  The college student who previously did this position was very helpful the first day and has been incommunicado ever since.  September is Hunger Awareness Month so everyone is very busy.  No one seems to know the passwords so that I can begin posting.  My boss took Friday off for her sister's wedding this weekend, so I'm just winging it for now!  Now to learn about Instagram and Twitter.

How was your week?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Sunday, September 12, 2021


The children started school on August 30.  In person at the local public school.  The district is very short staffed and their 1.7 mile trip to and from school would be a MiNIMUM of one hour.  We got a notice last week that it may now be over 90 minutes each way.  Kidults take them and I pick them up.  Waiting in line for 30 minutes.

Hallinan Elementary School principal Melissa Griffiths sent a notification to parents on Monday, Sept. 6, that said someone had tested positive and that a total of 47 "close contacts" on the bus had been identified.  These "close contacts" were students on that bus.  Now they have to miss school for 14 days to quarantine.  They were all too young to get a vax.

Lunch and breakfast are now free to all students.  The first week was okay although every item is completely sealed, except fruit and fresh veggies.  Then the district did not have enough lunch ladies so this past week was yogurt and a carb (bagel, soft pretzel, crackers) and carrot sticks.  So our guys opted to bring a home lunch.

I've been backing off from volunteer time with WLLO Village.  I found a  new right-up-my-allley volunteer job with Hunger Fighters.  

"One immediate need that comes to mind is for a Social Media Coordinator.  Those details are below.  Please review and let me know if you think this might be good a fit for you.  We may have other computer needs as well, however, I thought this was a good starting point as our current social media coordinator is relocating soon and will no longer be with us.  


Social Media Coordinator

OVERVIEW: Maintain social media presence on HFO website, Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, etc.

DESCRIPTION: Update website as needed, make posts to social media to promote HFO drives and keep clients informed of HFO related events

LOCATION: at home; computer based role

REQUIREMENTS: Must be familiar with social media platforms and creating posts

TIME FRAME: ~ 1 hour/week

COMMITMENT: On-going role (no end date)"

I can continue to be my introverted self and do everything from home on my computer!!!

Friday, September 10, 2021


Hi (almost a month later)!!!

I think I'm back, at least once a week post and once a week photos.  Here are some photos! 

Fresh new hair cuts

Back to School 2021

All dressed up for an evening

My one and only gorgeous girl

Thursday, August 12, 2021


These boys have been obsessed with camo and all the military stuff that goes with it since birth.  The ten year old listens to military history and loves military movies.

Even Legos are usually military

I think they have about 14 figures now, although many soldiers have lost limbs during battle.

I told them a few weeks ago if we had a rainy day, we would have GI Joe day and I would play with them. It barely sprinkled on Friday morning.  No picking up until 6pm and we roped off the entire living room. Admission by invitation only. I mainly dressed and undressed these 12" guys until I thought my knuckles were on fire. A great time was had by all.

The love seat was a hillside vantage point. Tents and sleeping bags were nestled under end tables and foot stools. They took blue sheets and pillows to represent the ocean as they were quick to tell me the Battle of Normandy was the largest seaborne invasion in history.

The Gramma with sad knuckles!


 My niece, Tahlia, is making great strides towards her financial future.  She bought a "tiny home" in July 2020 and rented the spo...